Distracted by Om…Go Figure

img_8332The irony was not lost on me this morning as I sat for meditation.  I was truly in a wonderful place, excited because this was the closest I’ve ever gotten to full lotus and grateful for the absolute beauty of the morning before the humidity descended. I have started using a higher pillow for my practice which has been super helpful in maintaining a straight back for an extended period of time.

I found, though, that as I sat, I was not distracted by the usual things: what’s going on at work today, do I have to take out another loan to finish out my child’s financial aid, will I reach enough funding in my gofundme to fulfill my tuition for instructor training, will I have time to see the people I want to see.  Instead, I was distracted by Om. The physical act of chanting Om.

Instructor training begins in two weeks with an intensive 5 day immersion retreat and the following month we begin every other weekend until January, followed by “student teaching” and then flying on our own teaching donation classes.  We have received our schedule, our list of what to bring, and our assignments.  In addition to our reading lists, we will be doing book reports as well as “Teach & Tell.”  For the latter, we are to use knowledge that we already have of something in our lives that we can bring to our practice and present that in a mini-workshop format, complete with visual aids.  I am no whiz with power point, so my visual aids will be in the form of hand outs and my body.

I have been singing since I was able to speak.  I have undergone vocal training, sung in choirs, led groups, sung in bands for many years, as well as performing the Star Spangled Banner in Little League and Minor and Major League settings.  Through all of that, I have learned and developed my own breathing techniques to support many octaves and sustain notes.  My Teach & Tell will be on how to breathe well and support and sustain a good Om to lead a class, as students will be looking to the instructor to start the chant, change syllables (if using the A-u-m chant), and to end the chant.


While I was sitting this morning, my brain was focusing on the meditation, but thinking about the Om.  As my own Om rang through, I found my mind wandering and analyzing every step of my chant, my breath, and then realizing that I was not in the moment and almost giggling to myself as I heard the bell reminding me to come back to Now.  Each time I would return my focus inward and continue forward until my mind wandered back to the Om.

I found it amusing that my distractions were all focused on yoga and meditation, given everything else that typically jumps into my meditation.  I forgot that I had managed a mostly full lotus, I had not given a second thought to my usual constant distraction of making sure my back was straight.  Not once did I wonder how on Earth I was going to get out of the lotus position, actually, I was perfectly comfortable and could have stayed in meditation for much longer if I didn’t need to get to work.

I am excited to get going on training and continue learning.  I am excited to teach my Tribe something.  I am tickled that my distractions today were yoga focused.

I hope that this brings a bit of light to your day.  Namaste.



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